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Our team at Optimal Health of Southern Oregon wants you to have as much information online as you need to make your relationship with us as convenient and effective as possible. 

Patient Forms

If you are new to our practice, please download, print and fill out the New Patient Forms below in advance of your first appointment to decrease your time in the waiting room.
Make sure you bring the completed form as well as your insurance card with you to the appointment.
Click Here for the New Patient Packet

Or fill them out online via our patient portal.

Patient Assistance

Patient assistance is helpful to patients who cannot afford their medications. Depending on your prescription coverage, pharmaceutical companies may be able to provide medications to you for little or no cost. To see if you qualify, visit

Important health documents

We believe that every adult has the right to decide how they want to live, in both sickness and health. We recommend you download and fill out the following orders, as appropriate.

Advanced Directive: This legal document allows you to share your wishes with a health care team if you are not able to speak for yourself. Use the document to appoint a person that you would like the health team to work with in making decisions about your medical care. Basically, this person is allowed to decide which type of medical treatment you would or would not want. Click here if you would like to fill out an Advanced Directive.

POLST: Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) is a medical order for people with advanced illness or frailty. POLST orders give more control over treatments you do or do not want to receive in an emergency. This order must be signed by a health care professional. Click here to download the POLST form.

Good Faith Estimate

Under the law patients who are uninsured or who are not using their health care coverage to pay for services have the right to receive an estimate for services prior to those services being provided.

You have the right to receive an estimate that includes the total cost for your visit for all the services that will be provided during that visit by your provider.

You have the right to receive a timely estimate. If you schedule at least 3 business days in advance you can expect an estimate within 1 business day. If you schedule at least 10 business days in advance you can expect an estimate within 3 business days.

You have the right to receive your estimate in writing.

If your bill for services is more than $400 more than your estimate you can dispute the bill.

If you have questions or concerns, please ask the front desk or bring it up at your next appointment.


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